my best moment was doing a reiki demonstration at the fort worth tx Japanese gardens. People were really responsive and my dad came and got a session. He had a healing and understood the mysterious instantaneous healing power of reiki energy. I was also helping start a gardening drumming child friendly community at the time. I was practicing yoga daily. Singing and chanting and vegetarian organic food was a way of life. It felt like I was saying yes to life. Lots of drama has transpired since but the seeds planted during that time were pure. It was almost 10 years ago now and I am planning to start again with the same attitude and now wisdom experience and knowing.


I grew up in a poor family and so have a strong tendency to be a hoarder. I don't want to give away anything for fear that I will need it in the future and I will not be able to replace it. I was very proud of myself on a recent occasion when I was able to overcome this tendency. My cousin was telling me how her young daughter wanted to learn to play the piano. They didn't want to invest in lessons though because they didn't have a piano and couldn't afford to buy one. I remembered that my sister's keyboard was in storage unused since she passed away a few years ago. Like so many other things I was holding onto it "just in case" instead of letting someone else enjoy it. It was a great feeling to conquer my hoarding instincts and to offer the keyboard to my cousin for her daughter. It was hard for her to believe that I was making the offer. I was very excited when she accepted the offer. I think my sister would be happy that her favorite instrument is now helping a new generation learn to love music.


My friend had been in a coma for about a week: we were taking turns staying with her in the Intensive Care Unit. I was often with her through the night because I can stay awake easily and don't have kids to take care of at home. We were exhausted but we all wanted to be there for her for one another and for her two little girls. The doctors were not hopeful but the respiratory therapist said my friend was starting to assist her own breathing. Finally one night her eyes were open as I wiped her face with a wash cloth. I told her to close them and she did! I told her she could open them and she did that too! I pointed my index fingers and had her follow them with her eyes – she could do that too! Ten years later I am still absolutely thrilled remembering those early responses and the pride and joy I felt saying to the nurse "Hey watch this!" My friend still makes new improvements after her brain injury and to this day she says she made it because we stayed with her.


I'm sitting in the garage with Sammie waiting for the raccoon to sneak in. Sam is scared of it so I am here to stick up for her and scare it away.

I like raccoons but not in my garage. They have been coming in at night when Sammie goes out to visit. They eat all of her food and put their paws in her water. It makes me mad because I can't afford to feed them too. I don't want to be mean but I don't want them to get comforyable at my house.

Sammie is such a good girl and normally can fend for herself.


I thought about this for a long time and there's no one thing I can remember that I'm particularly proud of. On the other hand I always buy food for homeless people I stand up for anyone who needs it I like to do favours and for the last couple of years I've raised money to (among other things) buy toys for the kids at the local hospital. I like to do good and help people I think it's important to look out for others - especially those who are weak and need some support. So I suppose I've got a (less interesting) story it just goes on for a long time...


I was travelling alone on a 13 hour flight to Paris to look for my boyfriend in Marseille with my 3 weeks well packed luggage in Charles de Gaude airport without knowing a word of French. Luggage was delayed and i Missed my connecting flight at Orly airport to Marseille after 45 min of trying to make my way there. Found my luggage after 5 days but another backpack was stolen in Barcelona with all our valuables including the proposal ring my boyfriend had secretly hid. Ended up stranded in the streets with virtually no money and 10 min of handphone battery life Now happily married with him and of course with a new ring ;) don't lose hope in midst of adversities!



I am coming from a small family. My parents are not earning much. Since I concentrated on my studies and I got first class with distinction in a very big University(Anna University). I got a "GOLD MEDAL" from our state Governor. It is wonderful day I never forget in my life. My parents friends relatives are very proud of me in this pleasant moment. My photo published in media and paper which gives me a great name and fame.


Im 21 years old and it's my first time yo to go on vacation alone. I went to Mexico and stayed in hotel in playa del Carmen I was kinda scared to go to such party place all bymyself because everyone else have somebody with them before I decided to on such trip of course I tried my best to drag a friend or an aquances on such vacation but no luck my xmas vacation happens to be one week in advance compared to everyone else. And so I went on vacation alone I had fun because mexicans are very friendly people I did not have a hard time finding new friends a keep myself entertained. I'm so proud of myself and I never had felt self conciuos


This happened before 2 years. I worked in a BPO where we need to make sales. It is about selling online packages to our customers. We will troubleshoot Microsoft related issues. Later we used to support all kind of computer related issues. It was the time when our process started. Our only motto is to sell our packages to our customer. We have quarterly half yearly and yearly packages. We are in chat support. Our customers will come to chat with some kind of issues related to Microsoft office. We provided first 15 minutes as free and later we will ask for money to resolve the issue. Our sales for two weeks have been very low and we are put to take more chats. Like 3 chats at a time.

My Event:

The management thought that sales can be improved if the agents pick more chats. I really got messed up and thought to do a smart work rather than hard work. I remembered a survey comments from a customer. That is "How you people think us to signup for a package without resolving our issues". It will never gain confidence in you people. Keeping this in my mind I went to office on that Saturday. We used to get less number of chats on Saturdays. There are no higher officials to push us to pick more chats. Here we go. I thought to do the things different. Usually we ask "we charge $19.99 for single issue" however you get this issue resolved for free if you sign up for any of our package. I thought to modify this sentence and to my surprise it worked. I informed my customer that I will resolve this issue within 15 minutes and then I requested for signup. As I am strong in resolving issues related to office 2007 I resolved it in 5 minutes. After resolving first issue. I asked my customer that "you have 10 more minutes". I can help you more if you have any issues. My customer got surprised and he appreciated. Customer himself asked which package I should choose and he signed up for the package. I suggested him to sign up for yearly package. Here the things worked in a reverse order. As there were no managers and mentors I thought to do the things different and it worked. On the same day one customer asked that "Can you resolve this issue with in 15 minutes? I informed him that I will resolve this with in 10 minutes. As I said I resolved this in 10 minutes and as I expected he signed for yearly package. My aim is to make the confidence in customers mind and use their happiness for our sales. It is almost Win-Win policy. At last I proved we can achieve in this way also. Usually we will charge the customer before resolving the issue. But I made it upside down. I took 20 chats on that day and I made $1200 on that particular day. I resolved 14 issues within 15 minutes for the customers. I tried the same concept for all the customers. I made 4 yearly packages and 1 half early packages. Our yearly package costs $299.99. Usually our sales are around $1500 everyday. But on that particular day it crossed $2000. Everyone appreciated me including my manager and he gave me full permission to do what ever I want to make sales. I have been assigned to explain about sales to my batch mates. I received $20 on the particular day excluding my incentives and salary. I felt really happy on that day and I couldn't forget the same. My confident boosted like anything from that day and I started to do well in my office.


I've always been shy and reserved and used to be scared of being by myself of talking to new people. You tend to think that things are set in stone that you'll have to deal with it. I think I decided not to. In the past three years I have built myself more than I ever thought was possible: I have lived in 3 different countries made unforgettable friends joined a successful rock band and most recently moved all by myself to the States where I have been promoted twice and met someone very special. I'm not scared of life anymore and I'm not corny for saying so!!!


When I was in the 7th grade I was in math class and this girl has the torretes syndrome and she kept making these noises and the 'class clown' Max Miller got the class to make fun of her by repeating the sounds that she made. I do not like people who make fun of other people at ALL. So I got up in front of the whole class and demanded them to stop making fun of her and I was very strict about it. They stopped imediatly. the next day in math class there was a letter on my desk and it was from the girl I stood up for the day before. I said how much she appreciated it and it thanked me. All my teachers told me what a good thing I hade done. I felt good doing the right thing.


Well i have a few stories that I'm at my best but most of the stories that I am about to right are about my life. I want people to see how an average teenage girl (me) deals situation in High School. Making new friends meeting old friends haveing new crushsss and even having to deal with people who hate without givin reason.

Well my name is Susana I'm 15 who lives in New York in a small town most people never heard of. I'm your average teenage girl.

Well... Crazy sensitive shy(when I meet new people) random misunderstood Caring kind of person. I will be writing about how school is friends I have and what my fav class periods I love. And of course the hard life I'm living in.


In the year 2004 I was traveling around the world for one year and during the holiday season my journey found me in Thailand. I awoke at my guest house the morning after Christmas to find the television news on in the lobby. Lots of people were crowded around the television watching CNN reports about a tsunami that had hit Thailand Indonesia and other places. We were all on an island on the inner gulf of Thailand instead of a location and beach on the outer side of the country that touched the Indian Ocean—so we did not get hit by the waves of the tsunami. But we could see on the news that there was devastation in other parts of the country.

As the days went by we were all transfixed by the television news reports but we were also able to connect the tragedy with human faces as people began to escape out of the affected areas and trickle over to our island telling us their stories of being in the midst of the devastation. Raggedy and weary travelers poured onto our island cramming all of the hotels and guest houses full of people. I listened as dazed people told of how they hadn't heard from fellow travelers or family members or friends and how those people were missing in Phuket or other areas that were hit hardest by the tsunami. I listened as people described the panic the turmoil and the fear they experienced while in the thick of the disaster. I witnessed many people affected with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I assured people that everything was going to be all right and I stood by them as they tried to email people they knew to find out if they were ok.

As New Year's Eve approached no one felt very much like celebrating but some of us saw this event as a means to an end. A few dozen of us staying at the guest house decided to wander around the beaches bars and restaurants of our island on New Year's Eve and solicit donations from people to give to the local Rotary Clubs in Thailand as aid for the people who had lost their homes and businesses. We figured that since we were already in Thailand this money would be close to the source and we would be able to get the money to needy people very quickly.

So as dark approached we set out with buckets in hand and swept through the beaches and bars asking for donations. In a time when so many people felt helpless and useless to do anything to help I happened to be traveling in the right place at the right time to help people. Some of the tourists were selfish and didn't want to contribute any money to the cause. Or perhaps they just didn't trust us—and didn't trust that the money would end up going to what we said it would go to. However it was heartwarming to see how many of the poor Thai people and people you wouldn't expect to give very much—like the Thai prostitutes hanging out in the bars. These were the people who gave the most.

It certainly looked like a better idea to hang out at the bars and have a few drinks to have fun and try to forget the catastrophe around us but I trudged on from bar to bar as people willingly threw coins and bills into my donation bucket. And I was proud of myself that I was able to collect hundreds of dollars in donations from partying revelers and tourists intent on having a good time for the new year.


I am an animal lover. I try to rescue cats and dogs. People are a little harder. A few days ago I went to my local library and on the way in I heard a kitten screaming in the shrubbery. I went over to look and saw a tiny white kitten with very large black ears. I tried to get her but she hid under a very dense boxwood. I went into the library and came out a couple of hours later and started to leave. The kitten reminded me of her needs and ran across the street into some weeds when I pursued her. I tried to wrest her out of the weeds and got a very bad case of the itchies. Some weed there did not like me. While the kitten knew she needed to be rescued she was determined not to get grabbed. As the day grew hotter I decided to come back later when there might be less traffic noise and make another attempt to help her. I came back at about midnight and found that my errant kitten had wisely decided to spend the afternoon in a nice dark cool culvert that goes under the highway between the library and McDonald's. When I meowed she heard me and came out but like most wild kittens was still scared. As I sat on the ground trying to woo her there was still plenty of traffic even at that hour and the police arrived. I assured the lady police person that I was safe and trying to perform a good deed. However more policemen arrived and that pretty much finished my midnight attempt to save my kitten. I came back the next day with renewed determination but neither I nor any of the library workers found any trace of my kitten. Once again the day grew hotter. I thought about the problem and decided that the kitten might be at McDonald's. Sure enough I went across the highway to McDonald's and found her under a manager's car responding shrilly to my meow. Of course she wouldn't let me grab her. I went home and got a trap. I put tuna fish in it set it next to the car and hoped I had set it up right and she would bite at the bait. I waited frying in the South Texas sun and watched. After about twenty minutes she finally started nibbling at some tuna droppings and went in the trap. As I feared I had not set it up right but I was able to run over and smash the door down before she could escape. We were both very relieved to get out of the heat. I took her home and got an introductory bite on my finger for my troubles. The finger got well the kitten settled down and is now living happily in my house under the name of "Bat" because her ears are so big.


I graduated nursing school in 2007. Prior to graduating I had worked in the ER for two years. I began working in the ER as a nurse as soon as I graduated from school. I had already become a bit jaded because I felt like I was never really helping anyone. People would come in with runny noses and coughs that they had for months. And even though I was helping them in a way it still wasn't the way that I had wanted to help people. I began to think that I wasn't meant to do this job and actually thought about changing career fields. The night that I decided I was going to change career fields though a patient that changed my life came in to my emergency room. We were as busy as could be with absolutely no room to put patients anywhere. The entire ER was full the waiting room was full our fast track area was full even the hallways were full. A security guard came up to my triage desk and asked me to take a look at a woman that was sitting near the window of his office because he felt that she didn't look great. I went out there and immediately knew I had to do something. But where was I to put this woman??? I ended up clearing out a little room that we used to draw blood threw a bed in there and helped this woman onto the bed. She was in terrible pain and she looked as though she could barely breathe. That morning she had been diagnosed with a very progressed stage of bone cancer. Not a good prognosis and extremely painful. She and her family never complained once. Every medication that I gave this woman she thanked me for going out of my way to help her (when really it was just my job and the job that i'd been dying to do). I would walk into the room seeing her visibly in pain and I'd ask if she wanted some more pain medicine and her response was always 'If it's not too much trouble for you". All I could think was that this woman is dying in front of my eyes and she is using the little bit of strength that she has to conjure up a smile for me and ask me to not go out of my way. I would do anything for that woman and I had just met her. And at the same time I had grown men with minor cuts on their hands screaming at me and complaining that they were dying and needed to be taken back immediately. I finally got this womans pain under control enough for her to go home. There was no way I wanted her to stay in the hospital when I knew that it could very well be her last night. I helped her into the wheel chair and walked her out with her family. She looked up at me when we got to the car with tears in her eyes and called me an angel. Her son and daughter both gave me a hug and told me that I was in the perfect profession and that they had never met anyone as caring and as compassionate as myself. Of course at this point I had tears in my eyes and I managed to squeak out a "Thank you" but to me that wasn't enough. I walked back in the ER with tears freely flowing down my face. This woman may think that I made a difference in her life but she made all the difference in my life. Because of her I realized that I am doing the job I was meant to do. I never changed careers. And every time that I get upset about a patient or think that I am at my wits end at my job I think of how I felt when I took care of that woman and how proud I was to have them think of me as an angel. I will never forget her. I will never forget the way that I felt that night. I have never been more happy nor more proud of myself than I was that night.


I'm alive and well beeing and happy that what i'm proud about to all tha Life gave to me is amazong thanks for it


Well I was kinda part of a possie for a while and today I kinda dropped out like two of my other friends. We sit like 3 lunch tables away from them. The possie has been giving me glares and coming up to me asking are you mad at me? It has been going on all day. I dropped out because I did not want to be l known as part of the possie so I dropped out. Some people say that some people in that possie are drama queens and mean and think they rule the school. I did not want to be known as part of that group. My friend that also dropped said that one girl in the possie buys all of her friends with her money I honestly do not agree I was and am friends with that girl and I liked her for who she was. I am still kinda friends with two people in the possie. I just hope that was not known as part of the "group". So I dropped out so I would not be known as that. I want people to like me for who I am not just some popular cheerleader. I think some people liked me because I was popular I want people to like me for I am. I still like them but I don't know. They are people who don't bring out the best in me. They are not my true friends. Some of them are just plain mean to people.


"1st July??Tomorrow is my b'day!!! Well nothing special about it.Dear Lord are you there?Hello???Hum..i have a game for You for my borriiinnngg birthday.This is only between you and me ok?Why are you so quiet?Let me continue with my birthday request or sort of stupid game.I ask money would You give me?I don't mind how much you wanna give...er.. Just give me the money for free thru' someone. And plus nothing is for free.Just send me a lady and she will pass me some money and saying this money is from You. Only then I just shut up knowing that You are real or exist..agree?" I was sitting on my bed and didn't hear anything except silence. "O man! Am I crazy? Saying that kind of silly things? Ah God! Forget it! It is just stupid kind of things. You won't listening anyway" I went straight to sleep. The next day is my birthday. Nothing special happening. I went to church listening to sermon and almost sleep. To keep awake I start to disturb a friend who are sitting next to me. Then suddenly a stranger-old lady grab my hand and put money in my hand. I rejected it and she said "this money is from God for you" I was speechless and touched for He is listening to my silly request.-H.A.B-


oooooo my god i think i might like my best friend. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!?! ughh y is he sooo sweet to me? ughh i wish hed ask me out alredy just so i cood say yes!! o my god did i just write that!!! wen i think about it i like it but wen i think garrett?? its just nooo! :( this is nt cool! does it rly mean u like someone wen u stay up thinking about them. writing about them? thinking wat wood happen in ur head 1 0 000 times? the only prson i want to talk 2 about this is HIM!!! i wondr if he stays awake at night sometimes thinking wat wood happen if we became ... like how i do. ughh i wish i cood talk 2 romina bout this but she got her freaking facebook taken away!!! ughhhhhh......


I can still remember this day 10 years later clear as day. I've been working for this almost my whole life and it didn't feel like it was really happening. When I lived with my parents they wouldn't allow me to get any pets for they always believe they would mess up our house. But since I was living on my own at that point it was time. Before I tell my story I just want to say that I still have Sammie to this day and wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world. As the saying goes a dog is a man's best friend. In 1999 I walked into the old but cute pet store. The smell instantly from the warm spring air to the dirty smell of 30 dogs. I walked by the cats fairly quickly but of course I knew I came in for a dog so I wasn't interested in the cats. The workers there try to offer me help but I thought I would pick out my perfect dog and they shouldn't point me in any directions. I looked around not really sure what type of dog I wanted. I thought about my life having a big dog : the noise the mess the food amounts. Then I thought about getting a smaller dog: could get stepped on barks a lot could break a leg too easily. Before long I was set on finding a medium dog. I went into the back of the store where the dogs cages were located. I looked carefully into one of the cages and saw a beagle sitting perfectly still. I then looked down at the open cages on the floor filling with hyper dogs. I picked a medium sized dog up and grunt. Boy this dog was pretty heavy. I put it down and kept looking. A few minutes later I found the perfect dog in the corner of the cage away from all the other dogs. I picked her up and started rocking her back in forth. Her eyes were silky brown but the biggest eyes you ever saw. She wasn't too big and wasn't too small. Her body was white but had brown spots. Her caramel brown ears hung just below her mouth. She looked at me and I looked back. Then she licked her lips and I started laughing because she looked so adorable. After about half an hour I wasn't sure if this was my type of dog or if I even had a type of dog. I was about to put her back when I remember all the times being a kid that I thought about getting my very own dog. I started to remember and I picked her back up. I thought about this for a little while not sure what I should do. A dog was a big reasonability not just for a kid for everyone. I kept on thinking and thinking but soon I made my decision and I think it was the right one. Soon after I brought her up to the front desk and placed her down as I paid for her and boy was she expensive. Once that was done I walked her out of the store. I was so proud to look into her small eyes and know that she was my dog and I was her owner. We finally arrived home and I placed her on my bed. She was tired so I let her get some rest. An hour later when she woke up she started running around. She looked so happy I was proud she was mine. I didn't have a name then but soon I would decide to name her Sammie. I knew from that point on my life would change and hopefully for the better.


I was the first in my family to get a university degree. I was so excited and so was my family! We were all so very proud. I worked very hard to get there studying hard all throughout secondary school and continuing to do so through the 4 years I was in college. It was a real accomplishment and I'll never forget receiving my diploma it meant and still means so much to me and my family this day. Achieving my bachelor's degree has opened up so many doors for me the possibilities are endless. I will always be a lifelong learner thanks to the experiences that hard work dedication and the intense studying required to get my degree brought me. I am forever grateful that I chose to strive to receive this formal education.


My father and I had never had a great relationship. When he did I did not even want to attend the funeral. And yet I knew it would be a show of support for my family and my younger siblings so I went. There was not much I could say to ease their pain or they mine but I went so as to show myself as a figure of support. I realized how much you can do for someone without even saying a word. Sometimes holding a hand giving a hug or just helping ease someone else's daily pain makes all the difference in the world. I did the dishes for my mother helped my brother and sister with their homework and just sat around and offered to be there. I was proud of myself for going and being strong despite the differences I had had with my father. My strength and support were needed and appreciated.


One Saturday afternoon I was driving home from the hospital after visiting my ill father. Traffic on the highway was fair however as I was approaching a slow spot I heard a loud noise and felt a strong jolt. Someone had rear-ended my car at 60 mph speed. Shaken and frightened I navigated towards the exit ramp while calling the highway patrol. I pulled over on a side street and the other driver followed. We both looked at the damage to our cars. I had just purchased this brand new vehicle less than three month ago and now the rear was completely smashed. Needless to say I was furious with the other diver. Then I looked at her and realized how much more shaken and upset she was. While waiting for the police we talked; she was a doctor returning from a long shift at the ER. I realized then that the car will be fixed but this person needed some kindness now. I went to the ice cooler I carry in my car during hot summer days and took out two cold water bottles. I handed one to her and assured her that things will work out. We both sat under a tree and waited calmly for the patrol car while drinking the cold water and talking how things could have been much worse.


Today I felt as if my life was a movie. I wached some things on tv that really inspired me. I now have created a bucket list and hVe been thinking more and more about my future. It's nerve wracking but exciting. I have also considered who will take me to prom bring me on dates and marry me. I have come to a conclution what ever is ment to happen and if something is ment to fall together it will fall. I have thought about my best friend that has moved away and if I should try to get over him or to keep moving on. I'm still not sure but life is a journey so don't forget to take pictures along the way.


When I was on a road trip with some friends a few of the friends became very moody and difficult to deal with. Although it would have been easy for me to choose sides in the argument I knew that my interference would only add to the aggression so I restrained myself and did my best to calm the situation. Over time everyone involved calmed down and we were able to enjoy the road trip again. I was proud of myself for not getting caught up in the situation and for being able to bring peace to a rather tense situation. If I hadn't acted as skillfully as I had I don't think the trip would have turned out as well as it did.


Was sick one day and went to supermarket on way home from work to buy medicine.

At check-out was mesmorized when I spotted a policeman who was staring my way. It took me by surprise and I wasn't sure how to respond but ended up meandering slowley home still very much with him on my mind.

1 month later still thinking about it so placed an advert in the newspaper "Supermarket name date if a look said it all and you felt it too then write".

Another policeman wrote telling me he would assist as the same thing happened to him 8 years prior and he wished he had done something.

Took months to track him down as there were 6 cops at the incident & we had to work out which. He was the only single one. When we finally met we realized we had met 2 yrs prior. We quickly realized we were soulmates & were married 12 months later. This year is our 20th wedding anniversary.


When I was 13 and 14 years old all I wanted to do was play baseball. I mean not professionally; I knew I wasn't that good but I wanted to hit the ball catch well throw hard and score. So I asked my parents to sign me for some summer baseball camps. It must have paid off for me because all that practice and training came down to one moment before a championship game. My team was down by 4 runs and daylight was running out. I knew the game could be called on account of darkness and we'd lose for the season. I took the batter's box and on a 1-1 count I just took the best swing I ever have. The ball couldn't hit a more sweet spot. I hit a game-tieing grand slam. After that the game was called and we continued the next afternoon. We won the game and went on to win the league championship.


The day i got placed in the MNC company is the most wonderful day in my life.

the company was hired me in my college days. that company was the second company for me to attending the interview. the selection procedure for that company is written test group discussion technical interview hr interview. out or 2000 members writing the written test only 150 members are selected.. i also selected among them. then gd is conducted. in my batch there are 12 members only 5 members are selected. a also selected so i am excited very much that i got selected in gd. in gd i talked about 2 to 3 minutes. then techanical interview was conducted my hr asked about somany questions in my academics. i told answer for most of the questions.. i have done extra courses that made more advantage to me for selected in that technical interview. then finally hr interview is conducted. there are 3 hr members asked questions continously to make me tension. i answered for their question slowly

then interview is finished. the result is anownced after 2 hours. then my name is in the selected list i so much excited that i got placed in that company.

then there is party with my frieds.


My best is when I stay out of controlling my life and let god b in charge. I have been through a lot of challenging times and refuse to give up. I have 2 children and they have shown me never to stop. We have been homeless hungry and lonely. But there is one constant God....his grace has never left me and my faith has grown. If I continue to see life as a learning experience then I can move forward. This last year my children experienced a tragic change in life and through this my faith showed them all is possible through god.


I am a retired Civil Engineer. I have 2 children elder son and next daughter and as such mine is a very happy family. My long time wish was to see my son as an Architect although my dream was beyond my financial limits. My son also was very much interested to fulfill my dreams. I used to make some sketches and drawings at leasure time and he used to watch them eagerly. He completed his plus 2. I advised him to prepare for both Medicine and Engineering but he was confident that he will atain his goal. He appeared only for Engineering entrance examination and aptitude test for Architectural Course. Thereafter those were very anxious days waited for the result to come. The result was published in all the news papers. T my surprise I found his roll number amongst the students who appeared for Architectural Course. I couldnot believe my eyes. It was quite early in the morning and hence he was still sleeping. His mother woke up him and conveyed this happy news. He jumped with great joy. That was the most proud moment in my life.


Recently my parents got a new dog. She's about a year old rather large but still not socialized with people well. My aunt was also visiting and she is rather old and has severe arthritis. She was getting up to leave and the dog came towards her growling and snarling. It was a very tense situation because the dog is new and we don't know her personality well so we had no idea if the dog was going to bite. Without thinking about what I was doing I got between my aunt and the dog and spoke firmly to the dog until she backed down. I was kind of proud of myself for standing up to the dog and possibly endangering myself for my aunt's sake.


There was this time I was with my mom my two younger sisters of the age of 12 and 6 and I was with my older brother and there was ppl banging ony front door and my mom thought it was one if her exs friends comin to take my mom and sister but I stayed calm the whole time and made sure my sisters were ok well Amy mom and my brother were freaking out and my sisters were cryin but I kept calm throught the whole thing. My mom asked me how I could stay so calm but it is just the way I am I have always been there for my sisters and I always make sure they are ok but ya that's me at my best :p


I waited for the letter to come in the mail. After many years of suffering with learning disabilities in school I had finally made it to my college applications. Since I struggled with my grades I did not know if I would get into my top choice school or any school for that matter.

Earlier that year I had visited my top-choice school in Boston. It was so hard to get into and I didn't think I'd have a chance to make it. So as the days moved on and I didn't hear from the school I assumed rejection was inevitable.

I did what I could to spruce up my application. I spent hours upon hours perfecting my portfolio and application essay. I highlighted my extracurriculars as much as possible. Still I wasn't confident about my chances.

I clearly remember that day I came home from school. It was snowing out and I had tripped in slush on the way home. It was just one of those days when everything was going wrong. So when I walked in the door and saw the letter on the table I assumed the worst.

I held my breath and opened it almost too scared to look. When I read that I had been accepted to the school and given a merit scholarship I started to cry tears of happiness


One moment in my life that made me proud of myself was when I helped out a member of the online gardening community that I belong to. One woman in the group was recently unemployed and could no longer pay dues for the online community. When I found this out I paid her dues for her so she could maintain her access to the website. I've never met this woman but she seems like a wonderful person and even though I don't have much money I know what I did made a difference in her life. She thanked me for my gift and allowed me to remain anonymous to the other members of our community. I felt proud of myself for reaching out to a stranger and helping her in her time of need.


For the longest time I had a major crush on a guy who seemed nice and sweet to me. But one year we had no classes together and ended up growing apart. This year we reconnected and I realised that I still like him a lot. The only problem is that soon after I realised that he started going out with a girl who is impossible to hate. She is pretty smart nice etc. When we were in middle school her mom died after a long fight with cancer and her little brother is autistic. I was upset for a little while but soon I forced myself to let it go and forget about him.

The only problem is that I still get a little flutter in my chest when I'm around him.

I know that his current girlfriend is best for him though and I honestly wish them the best of luck for a good relationship. And I'm proud of myself for that.


It happened about 6 years ago when i was a college student. In a very cold night i with my friends were enjoying in our hostel room. The gate keeper came to us and said that there is a stranger on the hostel gate and begging for B+ve blood group for his pregnant wife. I without delaying a moment came out of my blanket and reached on the gate. The stranger was of a young age and the resident of rural area. I offered him my blood without asking any question. We reached the hospital in 30 minutes time on his motorbike. The doctor told that we were just on time and succeeded in saving the both mother and the baby. After about 3years my mother fell ill and doctors demanded about 30 blood pints. I dont know from where people approached and we got some donors reserved at the end. I have the feeling that it might be the reward of that cold night which i can not forget.


When I was twenty years old I was still a bit immature for my age. I had a job but most of my money was spent on me. I was living at my mother's house and living it up. Until my mother had a massive heart attack at the age of fifty. She was in the hospital for a week. During that week I cleaned the entire house and did all of the laundry because up until that time my mother was a smoker so I wanted to rid the house of the smell. I also called and made payment arrangements on all of the bills so that I could handle the payments with my paycheck. I went to the grocery store and purchased healthy alternatives to my mom's favorite foods and snacks and I went to the pharmacy and purchased all of her med's. I called in my vacation time at work so that I could be home to take care of my mother. That was one of the most devastating times in my life. But it turned into a wonderful time. My mother survived and recovered to the point of being able to carry out her normal daily activities our relationship grew stronger and I found out that I was a lot stronger than I'd realized and a lot more responsible. It made me grow as a person and realize the type of person that I really was.


I converted to Judaism as a young adult and began a long journey of growth and change. I wanted to be able to read Hebrew on my own but I had a hard time learning a new alphabet. I decided to have an adult Bat Mitzvah and create a true "need" to learn. I would be expected to read and lead services from a book written only in Hebrew.

I sat through classes with a kind patient but strict teacher who required that we learn. Lack of progress was met with a gentle sigh and that look that only teacher's can give. I just hated to disappoint her! While she chanted lines I followed along with my pointer finger repeating her sounds.

Finally the repetition did it's job and it all clicked! By the end of the training period I not only knew the Hebrew alphabet and could read prayer book Hebrew but I also knew all the melodies needed to lead the main Jewish religious service.

The pride of learning something new something personally very difficult is still with me decades later!


As an African-American man I realize that racism still exists but I made myself very proud during a job interview where I realize that racism was in play. I had received three separate phone interviews and after the third the interviewer who was a Vice President of the company told me that they were really eager to meet me and was asking when I could start. I scheduled the interview and I made it a point to arrive on time and appropriately attired. Upon my arrival I saw several people walking past me as I sat in the waiting area and the people seemed to be staring and whispering. Then one of the people that I saw walk past me more than once came to me and asked if I was who I was. I said that I was and she took me into a conference room. Once inside the room she told me that she just wanted to meet me and say hello and that they had several more people that they needed to interview and that I would hear from them if I was chosen. This went from the Vice President asking when I could start. I held my cool and politely walked out of the office. I was very proud that I did not make a scene.


Jeg vet at :

1 Jeg er ok. Jeg er bra nok.

Jeg liker meg selv.

Jeg er fonøyd med meg selv.

2 Jeg er slank veltrent og har styrke

og kondisjon.

3 Jeg er velkledd og velstelt

( håret nakken øebryn nesehår

negler tenner )

4 Jeg har velstelt og gyllen hud

( peeling hudkrem og UVA )

Jeg lukter godt

5 Jeg har velstelte tenner

6 Jeg har klare og varme øyne

7 Jeg lukter godt

8 Jeg har et fast og varmt blikk

9 Jeg er vennlig og inkluderende.

10 Jeg smiler og ler ofte.

Jeg viser at jeg har humor

Jeg har lett for å gjøre folk trygge.

Jeg har lett for å få tillit.

11 Jeg er god til å skape stemning

som gjør at folk er trygge åpner

seg og gir av seg selv.

12 Jeg er veltalende og sjarmerende

13 Jeg viser interesse utstråling

energi og entusiasme

14 Jeg er best når jeg er laidback

enkel og jordnær


Before one year back am was save one person's life when am walked on road at the time he met an accident by one tanker lorry the driver not stopped the lorry the person who met an accident he has bleeding heavely but no body can help him. i hold my work and call one ambulance then take him to an hospital and admit and also am given one unit blood to him then he safe he told that you are not saved the person only me also my family members all are only based on my salary he also told you are the god for me in my life at the time am proud me my self.


I met a single mom with newborn twins who looked completely exhausted. I offered to look after her babies for a weekend at my house so she could get some sleep. Since she knew enough about me because of my position she said yes. I continued to do this for 6 months almost every weekend. Later I found out she had postpartum depression and had been abandoned by the babies' dad. She was really struggling and my help enabled her to make it through that time and be the great mom that she is now!


The Day i Felt Myself:

I always wanted to stand higher than the rest.Sometimes time stands by me sometimes it lets me down.But when it does stand by me the moment is worth relishing.

One such moment was when i was attending my zonal science project competition.I worked hard for that competition.My brains were put to its tests

.As they say hardwork does pay.that day turned out to be my best day in life.My project managed to turn everybody's heads towards me.This was what i always in life that everybody should see to me as something different.That day showed me how it would be to stand at the top of the rest.It kndled the fire in me and to till date it remains my most favourite day



I am 29 years old and I live with my husband and my sweet daughter. When I was 14 yrs old My father lost all his money in his business and attempted suicide. At great risk we rescued his life. But he was mentally upset and was not conscious about what was going around. He was every thing to my family. My mother decided to commit suicide with her family. I was not willing and was not afraid also. I consoled her and gave her a lot of advise and confidence and made her not to do so. That one movement because of my confidence in Life my family is still alive and we all are fine now. My father is also alright now. We are happy.


College is fun. It's full of laughter joy parties hang outs food drinks playing eating watching movies shopping bowling etc. in short having tons of fun. But just like life which isn't just about the happiness college isn't either. Yes with all the fun and enjoyment comes a great deal of hard work and misery. College doesn't seem so much fun if you have to pass one of the most difficult subjects a prerequisite to your major subject which is ultimately linked to your entire three and a half year graduation plan. To make it worse this subject happens to be taught by one of the most reputable teachers on campus reputation in terms of being the scariest and meanest teachers on board.

I was threatened by the idea of it. I was in sweats from the day I enrolled for this particular subject. Though I am a pretty good student I do tend to have a certain amount of bad luck in class. Few teachers seem to instinctively dislike me. This idea scared me even more because Mrs. Cho was a mean old Chinese lady who has been teaching for the last 40 years and is one of the senior teachers in my university. From what I had heard from my friends she decided whether or not she liked a particular student in the first go. She would make your life hell if she disliked you and you had no choice but to bear with it because this subject was a must and she was like a gatekeeper. You just had to get through her by hook or by crook.

The night before my first day of class with her I tossed all night in bed unable to fall asleep. I got up way before my alarm and sat down staring at the clock tick by. I reached the class fifteen minutes early just to make sure. Apparently the word had spread. The entire class was before time. I managed to grab a good seat in the front row. I didn't want to give the wrong impression and be the usual back bencher that I was in most of my other classes. Finally the class began right on time. As the class started I realized all that I had heard from my friends was 100% accurate. She was indeed one the scariest teachers I had come across in my life. She even outclassed my kindergarten teacher who would eat our lunch to punish us. Mrs. Cho was indeed the legend. The only things we were allowed to do in her class were to move our hands to underline what she asked us in the book and to breathe. Yes that was it.

As days passed by I did exactly what she asked. I was always 15 minutes early for her class. I never missed a single class. I took notes as I was told. I never once drifted from her lecture. I would stop drinking water 2 nights before my class with her just to avoid any chances of having to use the restroom during her class. She would slaughter you if you get up during her class. In short I was in my best. I was also quite convinced that she did not hate if not love me.

Now we had to submit a report and make a presentation at the end of the semester. We were divided into groups of six. Remember how I was talking about the certain amount of bad luck I tend to have? This was one of it. I got the worst imaginable group members. They were the dumbest people in class two of them Mrs. Cho hated to the core. I was scared. I didn't want them to ruin my hard work. So I worked. I worked every night on the report for the rest of the semester. There were times I sat writing the report five to six hours at a stretch.

The day of the presentation I volunteered to present on behalf of my group. She had a stern expression on her face. She badgered me with questions after questions as I proceeded with the PowerPoint slides. Finally when I was done she looked at my frozen face and smiled. I swear I could have screamed of joy. She told me how much she loved my presentation and told me she was going to use my work as a reference for the other semesters.

I got my grades few weeks after that. I got an A. I was thrilled. My hard work paid off. It was one of the most magical moments of my life.


I was looking for ideas for an essay for college applications. I asked my friends for a single word to describe me and one of my friends responded with masculine. Now if you knew me this would seem a strange discription. I am not a big hulking mass of intimidating muscle. I am tall lanky and smart; I use diplomacy before force and I usually don't have to do that because I rarely run into confrontation and I never create any. So I asked my friend what she meant and her answer reflected how I have always strove to be seen. She said I was masculine because I was strong in spirit and true to my heart but at the same time I protected all those around me. She equated me to a shield for those around me. It was beautiful.


Hi this is Newton from Bangalore India. I guess the proudest moment of my life would be when I won a music competition in college. I used to play the piano for our college band called "The Nocturnals". The name struck us when we realized all of our band members work better after the sun goes down than during the day. It was a competition for colleges from the same University called "Youth Festival". We had practiced hard sleepless nights. Nirvana was our favorite band so we did some songs like "Polly" "Smells like Teen Spirit" and so on. It was so exciting getting ready to perform and a little sad too because we were competing against some of our good friends from other colleges. But then finally the day came and we opened with one of our progressive rock numbers called "Blue" and "Frida". Went on to some Nirvana. Came down stage happily and a little nervous. Then the moment of truth in a few hours... I jumped for joy when the judges announced that our band had won. I had won!! Felt so proud. And even prouder when I was asked to play one of Chopin's Impromptus on stage. That was my proudest moment in my life.


At the age of 28 I was told I had a breast cancer. It was a shock any woman in my family had ever had such an illness but I had no choice the breast had to be removed very urgently. I entered the hospital on my 29th birthday. My mother my husband and me even ate my birthday cake in my hospital room.

I was operated on December 13th 2005 I will never forget. When I awoke in the observation ward I touched my chest in order to check if they had removed the good one... there was no mistake! I was feeling quite well no particular pain no particular emotion I was just tired. The day after I thought I would stay alone to rest I imagine that's what I wanted. I just didn't know that the nursing auxiliary would come to help me to get washed. She told me I had to get up: I couldn't believe it I just wanted to stay quiet but she insisted she had some instructions and I had to get up. For a few seconds I hated her so much...

With one of her colleagues she helped me to get out from my bed and enter the bathroom. I had been rather solid ever since: no cries nearly no fear but suddenly while I was looking at me in the mirror I was submerged by all the feelings I had repressed. Many other women had got accross this illness before me but I was not judging myself strong enough to get through. And for the very first time I was there standing up staring at me so proud of myself facing the most difficult hardship of my life. I finally thanked the nurse for shaking me up I cried then I laughed I was alive and that was all that imported me!


I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long. I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long. I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long. my rough day or keep you I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long. long. I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long. I just want u to know... I didn't want to talk about my rough day or keep you long.


My mum didn't think I'd remember the first anniversary of her mother's death but I did. On that day I cleaned the whole house bought an orchid (my mum's favourite flower) and a card in which I wrote that I was always there for her if she needed anything. When she arrived home from work she saw the orchid and the card on the dining room table and upon reading the card was moved to tears. My mum's not the type of person who cries easily so this episode really meant a lot to me. I made dinner that night too and my mum told me she was lucky to have me. I never mind going out of my way to do nice things for people but I feel that this event shows me at my best because I had little money and can't stand cleaning. I put my mum's feelings before my own and that makes me proud of myself.


In my workplace I adopt an "always honest" policy. This has been creating many personal difficulties to me from the detractors who try to manipulate things to their advantage. In the year 1994 I was shown deliberately as a poor performer by twisting the performance figures and awarded the minimum amount of Indian Rupees One Thousand as the consolation incentive. To show my protest in a humble way I asked the management to deposit the amount as my contribution to the "Compassionate Fund for the Employees". This simple humble and sacrificing gesture provided me with great personal satisfaction and proud of my righteousness.


I've come a long way since childhood. You see I come from a large family of 13 children. I don't remember being told by either parent that they loved me. I understand now that their families didn't show affection either and that with so many children it was not high on the list of priorities.

As a young adult the first time I told someone I loved them was very painful. What's the big deal right? They're just words. But if you've never opened that door before and it just doesn't come naturally for you because you've been saying it all your life it is painful and takes some time before you can say it without a struggle or embarrassment.

I did open that door and ended up with a happy family life. My son tells me all the time that he loves me without any embarrassment at all. It comes naturally to him as it should for everyone to express themselves in this way.

I was in Kenya last year and there was a huge celebration of song and dance where I was dancing with local tribes. At the end of this 30 minute dance one of the locals bid farewell with "I love you" and I found myself saying back "I love you too" and I meant it. I was very proud of me.


When I was in Catholic school there was a time where one of the Priests at the establishment was carrying around a confection that he had been given by a grateful parishioner. A number of the students in the class with me had immediately been quite vocal about how they wanted a piece of the dessert. He surrendered the aforementioned cake to our teacher without restraint as a man of the cloth is trained to do. Our teacher scolded us and then began to distribute it to us as it technically was now the class' cake. However I refused to accept a piece. I was quite proud of the fact that I was able to resist eating it. I did not feel what the class did was right and I did not wish to be a part of that.


I lost the love of my life my only child my sweet daughter four years ago. Life as I knew it ceased to exist that day but a new

life and a different me exist now. I choose to live for her and to live as she would want me to with her love in my heart and with her smile on my face. Life goes on with or without us and I choose to go on. Things will never be the same without her in my life but there can be some joy because she is in my heart. That is where she lives and will continue to live for as long as I do. I love you my sweet baby girl my angel my Corrina.


I planned a special birthday surprise for a dear lady on her 80th birthday. I asked her family and life-long friends to write letters real letters recounting times they had shared and their favorite memories. I collected all these and made a scrap book of memories then invited all the contributors to a party where we presented the book to her.


I have a tendency to be very unorganized and a horrible procrastinator. When I was planning for my wedding however I made sure I battled those 'demons' head on. I made lists kept appointments and paid attention to detail. I also worked with a very small budget which was extremely challenging for me. Usually bad with time management I made myself follow strict timelines in a very organized way. I also learned how to multitask; making favors planning menus and writing a guest list all at the same time. When things got frustrating I stayed focused and made sure to follow through because it meant a lot to me. My wedding day turned out perfect and I was very impressed with myself. It showed me that when I truly care about something I can do amazing things.


Recently my family and I were at an amusement park when I saw a lost little girl. She was crying and very upset. I approached her and calmed her down and took her to guest services. I stayed there with her until her relieved parents arrived. They all thanked me and I was happy the little girl found her family. I am a parent myself and I can just imagine how worried and scared the family was when they realized their little girl was missing. I wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable. I wanted to treat her and her family the way I would want someone to treat us if the same thing had happened to us.


This is my second interview that I attended. Actually it is interesting and challenging for any one. Till now I feel very happy about my performance in the interview. I don't want to mention the company name but I will explain everything happened on that day. This is one of my best interviews in my career.


It is a campus interview and only 15 people got selected for the final round in my college. First two rounds were online and technical test which I cleared easily. First two rounds happened just a day before I got selected in this interview. Next day I am eagerly waiting for my final round to happen. I just want to share my interview experience which I feel best moment in my life. First I entered as usual and I wished them. There were two men and women. I sat on the chair and smiled a little at them. They too smiled. I thought they are going to be more technical but I am not that much worried about it. First they asked me to introduce myself. I did. Then they said that we are going to ask you only two more questions before selecting you. Now I got scared but I had the confident in myself. First question is as follows: What you will do if a beautiful girl comes to you and asks to have a sex with you? Moreover you do like that girl very much. I really stunned and become silent for 15-20 seconds. I know that they will reject me if I say I will reject that girl. So I boldly replied that "I will look for safety measure first (condom) and I will proceed further with that girl. Now they become silent for few seconds but they didn't discuss. The lady asked my project papers and she gone through for 3 minutes. The lady told that my project is the worst one which she had never come across. I remained silent. One of the two men told that my project idea is silly one and it can be thrown into dustbin. I remained silent for a while. I know I have done a project which is not bad at all. It is my own thoughts and I spent lot of time to design this project. The project is about automated tool for a customer who comes to chat and email for any reason. It will store the information automatically. I know this is not a bad project. The Lady told that she will select me if I accept my project is worthless. They also told me that I shouldn't be too adamant. But I told that "According to my point of view my project deserves a lot and I will not accept my project is worthless". It contains lots of value. I put lots of effort to complete this project. I am sure that I have done a good project. Then they said me to wait outside for a while. The interview last for 24 minutes. I am the third person to attend the interview. I have been told to go outside for a while and not to talk to my friends. I went outside and had my lunch and I came back. I waited till evening 5.00pm. To my surprise I got selected. They took only two out of fifteen in my college. They also appreciated me for my confidence and said "Well answered and you deserve it". They also told me that no one have answered like you did. I felt like magnetic field surrounded me and I am very happy. To be frank I couldn't sleep on that night. I felt the core of happiness on that day which I couldn't forget for ever.


Too Many Grandpas!

I took my three year old son and six year old daughter to meet my maternal grandfather. He'd recently moved near us instead of living several hours away. Since this was the second time they'd seen him in their lives this was a virtual stranger to them.

"He's my Grandfather."

"Like Papahank?" my three year old asked. This was my other grandfather. "Or like Papa?" my father.

I then tried to explain the family tree.

Papa my father Papahank my father's father Grandpa Daddy's Daddy Grumpa Daddy's Daddy's Daddy. And Daddy of course. And a deceased great grandparent referred to in photos. My children whirled over all the relationships. "I can't think of what to call him!" my three year old son wailed.

"How about Uncle Roy?" my six year old said. "That's what we call all the other friends of Mommy and Daddy. And Mommy we've got too many Grandpas!"

My grandfather laughed. "Having too many grandpas is a good problem to have. It's better than not having enough."

Then I reminded my kids "It also means there are more people who love you!"


I downloaded this app! It is the most amazing application I have ever downloaded. I found this using pandora's box app which finds cheap applications cause I'm cheap and can't afford to pay full price for my applications. How did you find this application? What are your favourite applications? These are the questions on every body's lips. What applications can you not live without? I can't live without my iPhone I hold my apple iPhone close to me all the time. I wondar how many words this story has to be? 500!


Our family lived in a small village town. I was just about ten years old. It was traditional for our family my parents my younger brother and I to spend most of our school holidays at a village where my family owned rice paddies and coconut farms. It was always exciting to take the train for the trip. We were at the railway station eagerly waiting for the slow steam train to arrive. When it there is always a flurry of activity because the train stops for just a few minutes. In his eagerness to get on the train my six year old brother shook himself loose from my mother and tried to get on to the train by himself. Imagine everyone's horror when the little lad slipped and fell between the train and the platform. People crowded around yelling directions to get him out and no one minded me. All I could think of was that the train must not start. I ran as fast as I could and begged the engine driver not to start the train because by little brother was caught under the train. Imagine his consternation on hearing the news. He saw the crowd on the platform and stopped the train until my brother could be pulled out. Every one was relieved to see that he was fine except for being badly shaken and scared. It was only much later that people realized what I had done to save my brother.

After many years on my sixtieth birthday party my brother told everyone the story because he said but for me he would not be around to attend it. I felt good not proud.


Fun days always enjoy them. Never waste them. Always share them.

That's all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I took my three year old son and six year old daughter to meet my maternal grandfather. He'd recently moved near us instead of living several hours away. Since this was the second time they'd seen him in their lives this was a virtual stranger to them.

"He's my Grandfather."

"Like Papahank?" my three year old asked. This was my other grandfather. "Or like Papa?" my father.

I then tried to explain the family tree.

Papa my father Papahank my father's father Grandpa Daddy's Daddy Grumpa Daddy's Daddy's Daddy. And Daddy of course. And a deceased great grandparent referred to in photos. My children whirled over all the relationships. "I can't think of what to call him!" my three year old son wailed.

"How about Uncle Roy?" my six year old said. "That's what we call all the other friends of Mommy and Daddy. And Mommy we've got too many Grandpas!"

My grandfather laughed. "Having too many grandpas is a good problem to have. It's better than not having enough."

Then I reminded my kids "It also means there are more people who love you!"


Eat breath

This us hoe we do it and j just wanna see what thus ap looks like before o decode to share my real life Evers. Why can't I save already. I don't know


I was born in 73 and grew up wanting nothing more than to not feel like I was the only gay person in the world. I felt like an outsider observing this person living a lie and pretending to be straight. I tried to kill myself at 13 because I thought I was destined for 70 more years of being miserably unhappy. What saved my life and made me start to feel like I wasn't alone was Ellen coming out in 97.

Today I'm grateful I didn't successfully end it all at 13 when I think of all that I would've missed out on and what it would've done to my brother. I guess it's not my proudest moment but it's a signifcant memory and a reminder how when life seems so bleak and without hope...in time everything passes and things become okay again...


It all began when I got this new job for a trucking company. It was a dream come true I have a thing for large machines and trucks. It was a snowy and rainy day in Oregon my friend and I were set out on a trip to Bremmerton Washington to pick up a decent sized shipment. This was about my third assignment my big one the one to prove my worth to the company. I was not going to let anything stand in the way. We started down the road when we got a call our destination has changed we are to go back to the yard and pick up a different trailer and take it to someplace in Idaho. I was shocked going to a state that I have never been to before a state I know nothing about. This is going to be the most exciting thing I had done in a very long time. I had no idea what to expect. Shortly after setting out on the road about an hour into the transport we came up on very icy slick roads. This was scary to me because we were in a single axel tractor with a 20 thousand pound load in a 48 foot trailer. From this point it was ice and snow all the way. Driving all the way to our destination at 30 miles per hour was shockingly fun at that slow of a speed it gives you a chance to see everything and see it in it's entirety. After unloading the large shipment with iced over ramps and proving my worth to the company by finishing at an amazing speed without damaging anything I took myself a step further and took a crack at driving the Big Rig on the highways of Idaho. I had never done such a thing before the biggest thing I had ever drove was a small front loader and a small dump truck. I was amazed at how quickly I caught on and how well I had drove this big machine. I seemed to be in a trance handleing this truck in the snow for the first time but driving it like I had been doing this for twenty years. I think during this insane moving job in the snow completing all of the moves with epic success speed and taking on the chance to drive this machine just went to show what I am capable of.


I have nothing. I really don't have anything to say i'm just making up the characters whilst my imagination delves into space tossing ans turning creating it's own beliefs and patterns. But that isn't enough anymore not enough for me you or anyone else. Because this is it. This is your time to shine to out dance sing or shout anyone you've ever known. This is where you find yourself you find love friends smiles and tears. You'll find me. I'll always be there like the stink on your feet I refuse to go away.


Hei dette er en perfekt blanding av en god og dårlig dag. Jeg drar på jobb kjenner meg tung barna kommer jeg føler meg lett isak kommer føler meg tung bestemmer meg for singellivet møter svigers! Blir syk har ingen plan b. Jobber mye ikke bra nok hvorfor ingen plan b? Hvem kan jeg regne med? Hva skjer med økonomien? Hvorfor betaler jeg mer i regninger jo mer jeg tjener når jeg bor samme sted? Diabetes. Wake up call! What are you doing wrong? Be direkte at once dont whait! Tell it like it is! I have a huge problem trying to make evryone happy that makes me happy! Why??? Live fast save your friends misery and die young mabie noine will understand youv but The my turn up to your funeral! Dark rhoutghs darknesss! Cry numb i dont kniw just whant to throw up! And be Home fore a day


I made top in my school in 10th grade in my board exam.

I remember that in my midterm I hot highest in 3 different subjects. They were Math English and

?. I also top scored in Typing in last 7 years and in my school as well.

I was an excellent math person.

I had also scored good in some prharata shodh competition. I also was 3rd rank winner in ramanujanam math talent search competition. I had 2nd rank in my city as well. I used to write essays very well in school. I also won competition for blood donation is the best donation.


I have spent my life fearing now I don't fear anymore because I have identifyed my fears and i've worked on removing them from my frame of mind


I have endure a very dead marriage endure a fakest person I ve ever seen in my life. I m getting stronger and stronger every day. When I breathe the air of freedom at the end I will look at this torture and be proud of my perseverence and courage. I can do anything that I want to do. And the universe will support me fully and I m entired loved and balanced. I m thankful to whatever life gives to me because I know every disaster serves a purpose and they make me grow and do something that I wasn't be able to accomplish before


Hi. Currently having family problems. Frens too. Ain't tt I quarrel wit them. But I somehow feel tt they ain't true... Sigh.. I think tt they are keeping things from me think tt my frens would actually betray me by going to my enemy. It all sounds complicated here. But I could slowly tell my story here nxt tym rite? Really need some help. Tot of going to a counsellor. But how? Where? I'm confused... Anybody who had the same experience? And know the solution to my problems? We could have a chat. Or maybe u are currently having these problems too?


I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.I'am a student!and I'm 23!I have a brother.


While both Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport were open most airlines had canceled flights today the Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority said on its Web site. Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport near Baltimore was also open with most flights canceled.

"This is going to be a major storm for Washington Baltimore Philadelphia and New York and even up into Boston " said Tom Kines a senior meteorologist at private forecaster AccuWeather.com in State College Pennsylvania. Kines said blizzard conditions likely will extend all along the coast from New Jersey to New England. A second storm may arrive in the New York area by Christmas AccuWeather said.


I'm happy to be me I have a great life and the best boyfriend who I've known almost my whole life and I'd love to with him forever he's so amazing to me and amazing for me he makes my life so much better when I'm sad and he can always make me smile by just being near me. I also have awesome friends that mean the world to me they cheer me up when I'm sad and make me feel so great about myself. But to me my boyfriend still makes my life he's my best friend and I would be nothing without hum I love him so much.


After 16 weeks of training race day arrived. I'm lined up and the race starts. At mile 8 there is a strange ache in my left hip. I've never felt this pain before. I've had pain in my feet and knees but not this dull aching. Mile 15 and there is real pain. I stop to stretch but can't find the muscle that is screaming. By mile 19 it's excruciating. My jog is now a shuffle. Then I have to walk. I can't keep going. For 3/4 a mile I walk in pain with tears quietly escaping. Then I remember my training. I will finish this race and I will run. So I lift up my feet I have to consciously make an effort to lift one after another. Telling myself: right left and getting into a rhythm. Mile 25 the crowd is thicker and louder. I'm almost there. I finally cross I did it. After an ice bath and a trip to the doctor I have a stress fracture in my hip. Most runners in their 20's don't get hip fractures...but I finished even though I broke a bone in the process.


For most of my life before I turned 15 I would have to describe my personality as painfully shy and dare I say nerdy. About two months after I turned 15 my dad passed away. He was the complete opposite of me. He was a total nerd but in the best of ways. Him passing away brought a whole new light to my eyes. Life was too short to stay back in the corners allowing what little life I may have left pass me by. While my dad was very outgoing personality wise there were so many things he wanted to do with his life that he never got a chance to do. I wasn't going to let this happen to me. I came to this conclusion pretty quickly but it still took me a bit to push myself out of my box. Shortly after I turned 21 I packed up my things and moved to California to start my own adventure. This may not seem very big but for me it was huge. California completely kicked me into who I am now. I always knew I had it in me to be artistic but being around such beauty was a real inspiration. I then continued from there to Seattle which was amazing. I am so thankful for this adventure and hope it doesn't end for a long time. I have only begun to grow but am thankful for everything I have had so far.


Hurricane Ike was headed straight for my best friend Jim's house. My wife and I asked him and his family to stay with us in San Antonio while the storm raged. I loved having Jim here. It was like old times.

Unfortunately our dog wasn't so keen on having them stay. Jim's boys made him nervous. Nick made Jim's wife nervous. I put Nick in the car and took him to the kennel. He stayed there until Jim left.

It wasn't all fun and games after the storm hit. Jim and his wife were restless not knowing the extent of the damage. I finally couldn't take seeing Jim so distraught and decided to drive him to his house to check it out. Jim is legally blind and doesn't drive. His wife couldn't leave the kids and didn't want them to see the damage.

It took us over four hours to get to Jim's house. His neighbohood was hit hard. Some houses right next to his were missing roofs. Jim's house suffered no damage other than having part of the fence blown down.

We cleaned up his yard emptied the fridge and freezer watered plants and packed up more clothes and medicines to take back with us.

Jim and his wife were very grateful. They will never know how good helping them made me feel!


When I was 14 I ran away almost got raped actually. And my uncle picked me up. And took me home. And now me and my family are closer than ever and we are in therapy. I really do love them and the things they do for me. They are good parents. Even though they are not accepting of my sexuality which sucks really bad. And I don't know what else to say besides how thankful I am that my parents care about my grades and my appearance and how happy I am even though they bribe me way too much. Which I appreciate.


My father got a new job. He was in charge of moving the company to our area. He had to take many business trips. Before that I was having trouble with math. My math grades were very low. Even with him tutoring me I still couldn't manage to raise myath average. I studied very hard for long hours but I just couldn't quite understand the material. I had a final coming up but my father suddenly had to leave for a business trip. I became very stressed because there would be nobody to help me prepare for the test. Even with that in mind I was determined to get a good grade. I began studying long hours everyday. I took my math final soon after. My father then came from his business trip. We eagerly waited for my results. It turns out that I had gotten a 96%.


Well this guy was my brothers bestfriend and he was absoulutly aborable and I just fell in love then I actually go to know him and he had a funny sincable an unique personality and I just kept finding myself talking to him I couldn't draw myself away. He was an amazing guy and my brother fell asleep that night and we where talking in my room but we were not being very physical..I wish we were and had the most amazing brown eyes I loved to look in them bu all the other guts I've dated I was afraid of eye contact and he had brown curly hair and we my family only was on a beach trip and he called my brother on our way home and told us he was moving and I cried silently the whole way home and I haven't seen him since


I became a single mother of two kids under 4 about a year ago. It was not by choice but you can't force your husband to come home. Needing to support myself and the girls I started drawing again... Drawing dog portraits for family or people who just happen to hear about me. Now almost a year since I may have a chance to have a major art dealer interested in my work. I'm just a single mother from a small town and there is a chance that what was just a hobby may turn into something wonderful and I will be able to support myself and my children.


It was a Saturday so there was a long line of the usual suspects ahead of me at the checkout at the local convenience store. Half-drunk beer-toting folks for the most part (aside from me). As I take my place at the tail end of the line a very elderly woman shuffled in towards the cashier oblivious of the huge line of people ahead of her. Suddenly the cashier asked loudly if anyone is familiar with "Sequoia Street". My grandparents lived on Sequoia and I still lived a block away. So I said confidently that I was familiar and the cashier rather impatiently requested my assistance with this woman. It turned out she was there with her elderly husband and they were very lost. I knew something was terribly wrong when the woman showed me her address and I could see she only lived a couple of blocks away. Neither one of them had any idea how to get home! I thought to myself okay..I'll draw some very simple directions in map-form on paper for them but I quickly realized that neither one of them understood the few straight lines I was deliberately drawing for them. I looked back inside the convenience store and at the faces of the inebriated and not-so friendly patrons and decided the only responsible thing I could do was ask them to follow me as I led them home in my car.

It was about 11pm and I had a hard time finding the house in the darkness but once I did I stopped and waved them down. They came over to the house as if they weren't entirely sure this was their home. Finally something clicked for the husband and then he was incredibly relieved. He hugged me thanked me and told me I must be some kind of angel!

I laugh at it now as normally I tend to be a little bit on the gruff side but that night I knew deep down inside that I had a strong ability to care and protect - even care for and protect those that I know nothing about.


Taking Back what was Lost

In 2007 I lost my kids to my ex-wife due to a false restraining order. It was a bad time period for me and them. She committed adultery and gotten pregnant. To avoid dealing with the fact that she was married and pregnant with another man's child she broke up our family by falsely accusing me.

I was going to deal with her and the person she was with over this act of injustice severely. But I couldn't do it because there was a higher power that stopped me from following through with what I needed to do.

But I had to deal with it for a year. I had to suffer being separated from my children. My ex-wife hid the children. I eventually found them. Once I caught up with her. She wanted to continue to keep the kids from me. Eventually I won out over all that she trying to do.

I'm proud of the fact that I maintained my cool under such pressure as having my children taken away from me unjustly. I trusted higher powers and not myself. If I acted on my own will I would have done my ex in. I came close but I didn't do it. Her time will come. But for now I'm glad that I'm with my children. No matter how hard she tries she can't break us apart anymore.


I was walking along the sidewalk to my school when I saw this little boy standing there with his head. The little boy wore tattered clothes and I could see his big toe sticking out of his left shoe. I looked down at my new shoes and designer bag and felt really guilty. I was brought up by my single mother and we never had a lot. We lived in a bad area of town and I saw a lot of myself in this boy. Within a few years my mother and I straightened everything out and were living 'large' as some people may say. But I knew if I just walked away from this little boy I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I crouched down and asked what was the matter he looked up at me and I could clearly tell he had been hit. ' mommy told daddy i was bad so he hit me mommy didn't save breakfast now im hungry'. I really didn't know what todo i am only14. i knew most of my lunch wouldn't interest him but i bent down and opened up my 500$ purse pulled out my kit kat bar and handed it over. He looked at me and asked me if i was an angel I smiled and said no. He said I should be and grabbed me in a hug. he told me that I was a great lady then ran off to school. it was the very best feeling in the world:)


As a Sailor I occasionally encounter situations that cause friction in the work place. When it does happen it does because people were not thinking and acted irresponsibly. Decisive action and leadership quickly remedies the situation and prevents things from getting worse. During a series of drills the ship was shifting electrical loads and various spaces would occasionally lose power. While inspecting my work spaces I was passing a female Sailor leaving an area that was experiencing a power outage. As she walked out of the space I heard two Sailors encouraging her to come back in and have group sex. I could easily see in her eyes that she was offended embarrassed and intimidated. With my hackles up I exploded into the work space and confronted my two Sailors. One of the Sailors was a leading petty officer and the other was a junior Sailor. I immediately challenged their unsolicited and both Sailors were surprised and scared by my response to their actions. On the spot we convened a disciplinary review board and the two Sailors had to explain their action to every chief in the command.


In 2002 I was Christmas shopping at a local department store. I was looking around the toy section when I found a twenty dollar bill lying in the aisle. I looked around and no one else was in that aisle. Initially I thought I was lucky and I have twenty extra dollars. I decided that I should try to find the owner of the money.

I took the money to customer service where I asked them to make an overhead page and inquire if anyone had lost any money in the store to please come to customer service. A mother and her two children soon arrived. I asked them how much they lost and where they thought they lost it. She thought it was somewhere in the toy section and it was a twenty dollar bill.

I gave her the twenty and she quietly said to me "Thank you! That is all the money I have for Christmas gifts this year". She began to cry and the lady at customer service began to cry as well. I choked back my emotions as good as I could". I gave the lady another twenty dollars so she could buy herself something for Christmas as well.


I think one of the best stories I could think of would be the day I helped my Mother-in-law. The day before I had received a big bonus check from work and put it all in my banck account. The next day she called and needed the money to pay for her vet bill for her favorite dog. I had to take the time to think about it because I was planning on using the money for my sons birthday present and I had promised that I would buy him a toy he wanted. About an Hour later I found out that her dog had been poisoned with Ecstacy and the vet wasn't going to let her get her dog back until she had the money. Once I heard this I went straight to the bank to get the money out and took it over to her. I believe that this is the best story about me in my life.


During my freshman year in college an older man approached me and my boyfriend on the street to ask for money. He said he was hungry and since we had no cash on us we told him we couldn't help. I felt really bad about it all day so I went back out later to look for him. When I found him I told him that I didn't carry cash but that I had my dining card (to use at university dining areas) and that I'd be glad to get him a meal. He thanked me for being so nice but told me that he wanted the money for marijuana because he was in a lot of pain. I felt bad that that was the case but I was glad that I went back to find him just in case he did need a good meal.